Leading the Way With Virtual Quoting Technology

Are you concerned with someone coming to your home to look at your upcoming project, due to COVID-19? Golden-Eye has been working hard to be proactive during these changing times.

Now, you will be able to get a virtual quote on any project for the exterior of a home. Golden-Eye Construction has incorporated this innovative technology on our website so that our clients can get a quote by completing the four simple steps and uploading a total of 10 photos. This will give us the ability to gather the all of the information we need to put together a fixed price proposal.

We can provide estimates VIRTUALLY.

Please keep in mind that our other services are still available but may require a site visit. Reach out to us for a consultation on work you do not see listed in bold.

• Roofs
• Siding
• Exterior Trim
• Gutters
• Windows
• Roofs
• Siding
• Exterior Trim
• Gutters
• Windows

Four simple steps and you are all done!

Complete Project

Complete Project
Photo Upload


Development Fee

Step 1.
Complete Project Questionnaire

Complete questionnaire and contact info about your project.

Step 2.

Follow diagram of what pictures must be uploaded, take photos, and upload them here on the Golden-Eye Construction website. 

After we receive your questionnaire and photos, you will be contacted by one of our representatives. (We will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours M-F.  If your inquiry is on a weekend or holiday, we will respond the next business day.)

Step 3.

During a brief introduction call, we will agree whether Golden-Eye Construction can provide you with a solution to what you are looking to achieve.

Step 4.

Should Golden-Eye Construction be authorized by the owner to complete all or a substantial portion of the proposed project(s) at time of presentation the $100.00 project development fee for preparing 3D rendering and fixed price proposal shall be credited in full against the final cost of the project

There will be no credit for fee if the project is not accepted.

Capture Property

Take at least one photo of each side and corner of the property. Upload the 10 photos of the exterior and interior window and door trim of your home. With these 10 photos, it gives us the ability to gather the information needed to put together a fixed price proposal.

Back Left Corner


Back Right Corner

Left Side

Right Side

Front Left Corner


Front Right Corner

Interior Window

Interior Door