To our current and future clients:

Just like everyone else, Golden-Eye Construction is trying to navigate through this new world we are now living in. We believe that using our skills and craftsmanship is one of the best ways we can do our part to help with solving our nation’s common challenges. In that spirit, we are looking forward to being part of the solution and help put COVID-19 behind us.

We want you to know, to safely continue serving you and your family, we have put in place strategic protocols for the setup, breakdown, and cleaning of all interior and exterior remodeling projects. Because of the certifications, Golden Eye employees have achieved, our team already has the proper training and mindset needed to ensure that we do the absolute best to keep our customers and employees safe during and after this COVID-19 challenge.

If you are thinking about but concerned about getting remodeling work done at your home, please take a moment to look at our RENOVATION SETUP, ONGOING WORK PRACTICES, JOB BREAKDOWN, AND CLEANING PROTOCOL CHECKLIST. If you choose us as your remodeler, we will use this checklist to control how we do our work and protect everyone’s health and safety.