About Us

Golden Eye Construction is the North Shore of Long Islands one stop turnkey remodeling solution for the customers and project types we have purposely built our business to serve. By taking the time to get to know you, fully understanding your true purposes for remodeling, and mutually agreeing on a realistic budget for your project, we can help you plan and fulfil your home remodeling dreams with confidence and a quality experience.

“Mike and his team at Golden Eye Construction are by far one of the best. Mike is patient, he listens carefully to the client’s requirements for the project then offers his ideas on how to make their dream come true.”
– Sandra Furlong, Domina Interior Designs

We are a private, locally owned and managed business offering career opportunities, good wages and benefits to our employees, things that are rare or often non-existent in the construction world. This is just one of the many ways Golden Eye Construction is different and supports the local community.

Project preplanning and management also help make us different and stand out. As a professional full service remodeler we work only with preferred vendor partners and trade partners to provide all the services and products needed to both plan and complete your remodeling projects. All this is supported by talented and industry certified project development and design staff, as well as experienced and industry certified field employees.

If you are seeking to have a much better experience than what you may have been through in the past, Golden Eye Construction might be worth the look. To be sure, check out how we help you  If you like what you find give us a call right away!