Different Processes for Different Project Types

Are we the right remodeler for you and your project?

The information below may seem like a lot to read. However, by reading it we believe you will come to see what makes Golden-Eye Construction standout in our marketplace.

We also ask, after reading about how we do business, you decide if one of our three processes is right for both you and your project.

When you contact us we can answer any of your questions and or provide any additional clarification needed – to be sure how we do business works for you.

Whether you contact us by phone, email we will ask you to commit a few minutes of your time for a preliminary conversation so we can both make sure we are the right fit for your needs.

After you know the ways we do business we can both decide if it makes sense to invite us to visit you at your home for a meeting to discuss your project in more depth.

If the answer is yes, together we will agree on an agenda for that first meeting. Agendas are very important to us. We want to be prepared to answer your questions and help you make the right decision about working with Golden Eye Construction.

What makes Golden Eye Construction Different?

Golden-Eye Construction is a full-service design and construction company. Our past customers tell us our enthusiasm, expertise, and attention to detail make us stand out as much more than your average construction company.

Another reason our clients tell us they prefer Golden-Eye Construction is the services we offer, and the fact they consider how we help them and the processes we use as “one-stop shopping”.

Whether your project is big or small we recognize you still have your everyday life to live – even during the planning and construction of your project. Let us be your trusted advisors and help you make your remodeling dreams a reality.

From concept to start of construction to finishing up the last details we can handle every part of your project. Our experienced and creative staff are capable of assisting you with everything including the project pre-planning, architectural plans, design work, permits, product selection, and custom millwork, to list a few.

Using our time tested processes we can help you gain confidence in the final design and scope of work we create together, as well as in the products you select with the assistance of our experienced and creative staff.