This process is for smaller projects that don’t need architectural plans or design work.

Smaller Projects Process

Maybe you need new windows or doors, maintenance-free siding, new roofing, different flooring, a custom built-in, a new deck or just the replacement of an existing deck. We can help!

There is typically no charge for this process, assuming no plans and specification are needed to price the work.

What to Expect

Repair and Replacement Projects Process

When we meet together, we will discuss your project with you to explore what you have in mind.

Before we schedule an on-site visit to your home, we will ensure you know how this process works and agree on a meeting agenda so we can prepare for a productive first visit together.

On-Site Meeting

If you choose to go forward with our On-Site Visit Meeting, we will schedule a mutually convenient time to meet with you at your home to see and discuss your project further.

This visit will help both of us identify any project-related details to consider as part of the scope of work for your project and establish a realistic budget.

After discussing the scope of work, budget and seeing any photos/images you may share with us, we will take that information back to our office to prepare what we call our Preliminary Opinion of Cost (POC).  Depending on our current office workload, as well as the scope of your project, it can take between two and seven days to prepare the POC.

Moving from Preliminary Opinion of Cost to Fixed Price Proposal.

After the on-site visit we will review and discuss your project and scope of work with the right people on our team to figure out if and or how your scope of work can be completed within your budget. 

Once we have assembled the POC for you project we will reach out to you to set up a mutual agreeable time to have a call to discuss your POC and the project.  If at this time we do not find your budget is adequate to fit your scope of work, we may offer you some suggested options for altering your scope of work to fit with your budget.

The true benefit is that you are in full control as to whether you want to partner with Golden Eye Construction, change your scope of work and/or raise your budget.

If our solution does fit into your project budget we will ask if you would like to partner with Golden Eye on the project.  If the answer is yes we then prepare and present you with a detailed fixed price proposal and project payment schedule.