What questions do you have for us? 

We want to understand and know what’s important to you.

Below, please find some common questions many of our clients ask us.

Examples of questions you may decide to include in our meeting agenda to assist you:

  • Can you help us decide which product(s) we should use?
  • Can you help us establish a realistic budget?
  • Can you tell us how the work will affect us and our ability to live in our home during construction?
  • Will my project need permits?
  • Will you be able to tell us how long the project will take?
  • How do you handle progress payments?
  • How are change orders handled?

Examples of topics Golden Eye may decide to include in our meeting agenda to assist you:

  • Why you want to do your project, the true purpose?
  • Have you ever experienced a remodeling project before and if so, how did it go?
  • What needs to work better or be different about the project and or the experience?
  • Have you done any research as to what the cost of the scope of work might be?
  • Do you have examples, sketches or pictures of what you hope to accomplish?
  • Talk about your budget for the project to make sure it is realistic.
  • Discuss how you plan on making decisions before and during your project.
  • Discuss how you plan on ultimately making the decision about which remodeling company you will partner with.