You have plans from an outside architect

We will help you develop your project

Project Specefications Development

Your plans will still need to be finished by adding all your product specifications.  Without the specifications, how could anyone know how much labor it will add or subtract from your project without a product chosen? The PSDA sets the stage for the intended project and lays down the foundation of expectations from us and from you.

With a PSDA we are developing the project for Golden-Eye to build.  The first steps will be understanding the scope of work on the plans and the budget to have that scope of work built.  Understanding what products will be needed to select is a daunting task, don’t worry this is why we are considered trusted advisors in the industry. With the education and experience we have, we can help to guide you in the right direction.

What to Expect

Initial Contact & Discussion

Whether you contact us by phone, or email we will ask you to commit a few minutes of your time for a preliminary conversation so we can both make sure we are the right fit for your needs.

After you understand the way we do business we might ask you if you would still be interested in inviting us to come to your home for a meeting to discuss your project in more depth. If the answer is yes, together, we will set up an agenda for that meeting. Agendas are very important to us. We want to be prepared to answer questions you may have so that you feel comfortable with us right off the bat.

Project Details/Expectations

When we meet together we will discuss your project with you to explore what you have in mind. Things we will want on our agenda to discuss may include…

  1. We would want to talk about why you want to do your project. We need to understand what it is about your current space that you love and what you dislike.  Understanding what it is lacking will help us make unique solutions to existing problems.
  2. We will want to discuss if you have done any remodeling work in the past. If not, have you done any research as to what the cost of the scope of work might be?  If the answer is still no, we ask that you try to do so before we have our meeting. (the internet is a great source of information).  We will need to talk about your budget for the project to understand if the scope of work can be fit into the budget.
  3. We will want to discuss how you plan on making decision before and during your project. This is important, so we can help you make those important decisions.  We are hired as your trusted adviser.  We will also want to know how you plan on ultimately making the decision on who you will partner with.
  4. We will ask that you collect photos of what your are looking to achieve in the areas to be remolded. This will help us get a sense of what kind of finish material you will want to be including.

You will be asked to add what you would want to discuss as part of the agenda.  Some of the most commonly questions we receive are:

  1. Will my project need permits?
  2. Will you be able to tell us how long the project will take?
  3. How do you handle payments?
  4. How are change orders handled?

We will then send you an email confirming our meeting date and address as well as the agenda.  This way we can review our agenda before or during our meeting.

On-Site Meeting

If you choose to go forward with our On-Site meeting, our next meeting and discussion will be at your home. 

The fee for this service is $175.00 and is nonrefundable but will be applied to your project at the signing of the proposal and contracts.   At this time, we will see and discuss your project further.  This visit will also help both of us identify related project details to consider such as required, site work, F.A.R issues, front, back and side yard setbacks, any structural changes, electrical work or plumbing to list a few. 

After discussing the scope of work, budget and seeing photos we will take that information back to our office to work on a Preliminary Opinion of Cost (P.O.C).  Depending on our current office workload and the scope of the project this can take between two and seven day to get back to you.

Preliminary Opinion of Cost

After our meeting we will discuss your project and scope of work with the proper people on our team to figure out if your scope of work can be completed with in your budget.  Once we have competed our P.O.C. we will reach out to you to set up a mutual agreeable time to have a call to discuss your P.O.C and the project.  If at this time we do not feel your budget is enough to fit your scope of work, we may give you some options to change your scope of work to fit your budget.  The true benefit is that you are in control as to weather you want to change your scope of work or raise your budget.  It will be at this time that you will have to make the decision if you want to mover forward with the Project Development Agreement.  As a client you will have to agree to a four meeting PDA that will include spending one day doing product selection with us at our pre-qualified preferred vendors.