What does “pre-qualified preferred industry vendor” mean? 

Simply put, we have long-term relationships we have created over decades with all our subcontractors and distributors. Since we began our business, we’ve been seeking out the best in the business and pre-qualifying them before they ever work on a client’s project.

Most companies will go looking for the cheapest plumber, electrician, or whatever trade is needed on the project. Partnering with companies that do the right job, stick to scheduling, have the same business morals, and are there when a problem occurs is what is important. 

We partner with companies for the quality of work they perform, their business processes, and how they work as a team with Golden-Eye Construction. Each sub-contractor company must sign our sub-contractor agreement, hold harmless agreement, and supply us with the proper general liability, workers’ comp, and disability insurance policies, listing us as additionally insured. All of this helps protect our clients. 

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