Extensions and Additions

Did you know that all extensions and additions to your home will require professional architectural plans to apply for and seek a building permit?  No need to worry; we can handle that.

Our goal is to ensure every extension not only gives our clients the additional space and function they need but also makes sure it looks like it was a part of the original design of your home.  When we are finished, we want it to look, flow, and feel like it has always been there. 

Golden-Eye Construction has a time-tested process that considers the scope of work, your true purpose for wanting it done, and a realistic budget before we help you design the project.   As a result, you will know your options and what the actual cost will be before getting in too deep and or wasting your valuable time and money.

If you need help planning and designing your next project, check out our Project Development Process (Create Link) to see how beneficial it can be.

If you already have plans, you can check out our Project Specification Development Process to see if that process is just what you and your project need to make it a reality!